"FOOD, that tastes like Home"

Home Kitchen is a group of homemakers, which is led by Mrs. Yogyata Chauhan & Aditi Sharma who seek to serve simple, pure and quality meal that reflects authenticity and professional touch. It is established with a view to serve home cooked food  with a personal touch in traditional cuisines and cooking methods.

Home Kitchen offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies in combination with homemade sweets, Chocolates and Farsan /Namkeens.

Home Kitchen firmly believes in maintaining the hygiene and quality of the meal served, thus we emphasize on using organic vegetables, pulses along with high quality spices, edible oil and pure ghee. We use separate kitchen for vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparation and serve food in 100% virgin plastic containers and clay handi.

We believe in not bounding ourselves to a limited/specific menu, but serve our customers with the taste and food they desire. Thus one can also opt out for customized menu and order different traditional and continental dishes that include Chinese and Italian cuisines. It is said and believed that the way to a person's heart is through his stomach and thus we crave to satisfy your taste buds and win million hearts through our traditional and authentic home cooked delicacies.

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